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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between the tour model and the standard model?

The tour model is the same as the standard model with the exception of the removable handle with a stainless steel spring. The pros and their trainers like the tour model because it allows them to set the proper wrist angle at the top of the back swing. This is much more natural and serves to reduce pressure in the small muscles of your hands and arms which in turn engages the big muscles of the shoulders, back and abs. The use of these big muscles is essential to a powerful and repeatable centrifugal golf swing.   

How will the Golf Stretching Pole benefit my golf swing?


The Golf Stretching Pole will increase your ability to make a fuller turn of the upper body which in turn will allow you to generate more clubhead speed. A full shoulder turn is when your back is turned to the target with a straight but relaxed left arm and your weight favors the inside of your right foot. A great way to practice this is in full length mirror. This allows you to check your positioning and balance. This is the ideal position from which to make a powerful downswing through the ball with the big muscles of your legs, abs and back in that order. When golfers start using the stretching pole, their first tendency is to hang on the pole and hold on tight with the hands. Your goal should be to reach a fully turned position while holding the pole loosely in your hands with your core muscles, not your hands and arms, supporting your turn. A good way to check this would be to stretch to a fully turned backswing position and deliberately loosen your hand pressure. If you feel your core muscles tighten, then you are holding on too tight with your hands and arms. When you can make a full backswing with a straight left arm while barely holding onto the pole, you have achieved your goal.   

How long does it take for the Golf Stretching Pole to affect my swing?


After using the stretching pole for just minutes, you will immediately see increased club head speed because of your increased ability to turn. This will encourage most people to continue to develop their turn to its full potential. The ligaments and muscles of the human body are very elastic, but only if the range of motion is maintained through repeated stretching. The more you use the stretching pole, the easier it will become to achieve a fully turned position at the top of the backswing. Because of the residual factor in stretching it becomes progressively easier the more you stretch. Conversely, your muscles have a tendency to return to a resting position, and over a period of non-activity, your range of motion will decrease. The very best use of the Golf Stretching Pole is to do the full swing stretch, both backswing and follow through just before hitting every tee shot. In this way you will have the full immediate benefit of the stretch.   

Can I use the Golf Stretching Pole during a competitive round of Golf?


Yes.  In a letter dated March 7, 2006 and signed by Dick Rugge, the Senior Technical Director, the USGA, referring to decision 2006-155, stated that the Golf Stretching Pole “conforms to USGA Rules.” The Golf Stretching Pole conforms to Rule 14-3 and may be used during play.

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