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The first reason we stretch is to prepare us for a violent athletic move.  Which, when properly executed, is what the golf swing is.  Golf is a game of great distance that we must traverse in the fewest stokes as possible to hole that is way too small.  Distance plays a great part in how successful you are at golf and deveolping a swing that gives you the greatest amount of club head speed possible for your fitness level is crucial to your enjoyment of the game.  Maybe your friends have said to you "Stop trying to kill the ball"!  But then you'd think to yourself "What's the fun in that?  I want to KILL the ball!".  Well here at Randy Myers Golf Stretching Pole we are going to set you down the path to be able to rip at the ball as hard as you want and actually hit it STRAIGHTER!  That's not a misprint.  In order to create club head speed your swing must be very simple and centered with a nearly still spine that you then can create a lot of centrifugal force around.  And the more consistent your spine angle is, the straighter the ball will go.  Straightness and distance are not opposites, they go hand in hand.   The first step in the equation is creating the proper flexibility.  Poor flexibility is the number one cause of poor technique.  That's why a young child who has never picked up a club before is so easy to give the perfect swing to.  No bad habits and tons of flexibility.  Your bad habits come maily from poor flexibility.  For instance if you don't have enough flexibility to turn properly on the backswing you may bend your left arm or move off the ball to compensate.  So let's get to it.  Perform the following stretches everyday for permanent flexibility improvement.  Each stretch does not need to be done for long if done everyday.  Stretching for just a few minutes a day is much more effective then only stretching once a week for an hour.  Determine your own time intervals when performing these stretches.  A very important part of flexibility training is to customize the routine for each individual.  You may need to work on one part of the body more than another.  Do the following stretches in order and then if you want repeat them as many times as you want.  Do them EVERY DAY if possible.  It goes very quickly don't worry.  Unlike lifting weights, you can and should stretch every day.  Keep the Stretching Pole by your bed or in your office when it's not in your golf bag.  All stretches should be done in a mild manner.  It's frequency that improves your flexibility, not the strenuousness of the stretch!

Back Stretch

This is a tour favorite.  You've seen the tour pros do this before every round.  In the past with a driver or umbrella.  The stretching Pole is perfect for this stretch because it can be extended out much further resulting in a more effortless and effective stretch.  Don't skip this one!  Be sure to drop your head down between your arms.

front address side.jpg
front stretch side.jpg
front stretch.jpg

Neck Stretch

As you do this stretch also move your hip toward the pole for added stretch.  Once again don't over do it.  Stretching the neck is mainly for injury prevention and should be done every day but especially before practicing or playing.

neck stretch left address.jpg
neck stretch left stretch.jpg
neck stretch right address.jpg
neck stretch right stretch.jpg

Shoulder Stretches

While doing these stretches use the other hand to pull back on the pole as illustrated below.  Or instead pull your arm back further with your other hand.  Again this all depends upon your level of flexibility.  Be sure to do BOTH SIDES.  Proper flexibility of the lower shoulder through impact is very important for club head speed!

shoulder stretch right address.jpg
rear stretch left address.jpg
shoulder stretch right stretch.jpg
shoulder stretch left stretch.jpg
rear stretch right address.jpg
shoulder stretch left address.jpg
rear stretch right stretch.jpg
rear stretch left stretch.jpg

Back Angle Stretch!

So many high handicapper (and some low ones too!) continually struggle with proper back angle both on the backswing and through impact.  Let's face it, it's much more comfortable to stand up than bend over, especially if you're turning at the same time!  As you do this stretch really try to feel it on your sides especially.  You are not only stretching muscles but your back fascia.  Nothing lets you know how well someone can play more than the position of their shoulders both at the top of the swing and at impact.

hs right address.jpg
hs right swing.jpg
hs left address.jpg
hs left swing.jpg

Full Swing Stretch

Now let's put it all together!  Center the pole between the feet so the finishing stretch is just as effective as the back swing stretch.  People mistakenly think that the Stretching Pole is primarily for the backswing.  But if you don't have the proper flexibility on that bottom shoulder through impact then you will tighten up through impact and lose a lot of clubhead speed.  So be sure to stretch both sides.  Also notice how Jim is sitting down and hanging from the pole on the third frame, getting that extra little stretch.  It's not shown here but you can do that for the finish as well.  Good luck and have fun with your new Golf Stretching Pole!


Did you know the Golf Stretching Pole complies with all USGA rules and may be kept in the bag and used during a round of golf?  Don't hold up play but do the full swing stretches real quick before every tee shot followed by two aggressive practice swings.  This will ensure your muscles are wide awake with every drive!

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